Cockroach Control 2000 Sqft to 2500 Sqft

৳ 2,000



Service Overview
  • Background checked and certified professional.
  • Genuine and high-quality chemicals.
Important Notes
  • Clean up food residues.
  • Ensure food storage containers are sealed.
  • Wash your dishes and kitchen utensils before going to bed.
  • Do not wipe up the “Gel Bait”.
  • Keep your trash can have covered.
  • Keep blind places clean from time to time.
  • Seal gaps around doors, windows, and where utility lines enter the home.
  • If you have child and old people, please leave the home for at least 24 Hour
  • Please leave the home for at least 3-4 Hour
Pricing & Terms
  • 3 Month for warranty for residential Pest Control.
  • Warranty is not valid if you do not take service in the whole house.
  • Warranty not valid for Rodent Control (Preferred Monthly Service).
  • Regular pest control services do not necessitate the end to all your pest problems.
  • All kind of pest control material cost for the services is included in the mentioned price.
  • The mentioned price is the starting price. However, the price differs depending depends on the area of pest control, work complexity, and extend of pest control measures.
  • The completion time of the service depends on the number of rooms and floors. The cleaner will try to complete the service within 2 hours.
  • you can cancel after placing your booking 24 hours before your service delivery and rescheduling depend upon the cleaner’s availability. But if you cancel the service after the provided cleaner reached your doorstep then you just have to pay BDT 200 as a visiting charge.
  • Once you are done placing your order you can reschedule your time. To reschedule you have to call us and we will help you to reschedule your pest cleaning hour.

After service completion, you can pay only through cash. After payment, the customer will get a money receipt.


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